Bianka releases a music video in collaboration with Potap&Nastya duo

On August 5 the production of Bianka and Potap&Nastya’s music video “Stil Sobachki” was finally over after 24 hours of non-stop shooting. The idea of this song has been around since last year. Potap&Nastya is a vibrant self-sufficing duo and they don’t often create projects in collaboration with other singers. The hot single “Stil Sobachki” has motivated them to break all the rules and brought together the three super stars. Two of them are the most alluring, sexy and talented women in Russian show business: Nastya and Bianka.

“Millions of men were dreaming about both Nastya and Bianka, but only Potap has managed to visualise those daydreams! - comments video director Mikhail Kolossovsky. - “Stil Sobachki” will illustrate every man’s subconscious dreams, embodied by Nastya and Bianka in most appealing, unusual and modern way”.

“The name of the Stil Sobachki song means “doggy style”, and yes, that’s exactly what you think about! – Potap confessed to “Russian Radio”. - It isn’t just an ambiguous allusion, but a straight and open musical and dancing performance speaking about a man being obsessed. And it was the most like-minded person, Bianka, who helped us to explore this topic, ‘cause she’s the one to make such a dance even more rich and sexy! When you watch the video, you’ll see that I’m the happiest man in the world, and everyone would like to be in my place!”

“I’ve been preparing for the shooting for eleven months, I took choreography classes three times a week, - says Nastya. - I promise the video will be full of surprising stuff, you’ve never seen me like this before! The idea of the video is intriguing and there are a lot of subtle details in it. That’s not just another nice video showing pretty and mannered girls. I absolutely recommend you  to watch “Stil Sobachki” and I’m sure we can impress and amaze anyone!”

“I’ve been following Potap&Nastya for a very long time and I’m obsessed with their songs, - tells Bianka. - When they suggested me to collaborate for a song, I agreed right away. I was totally impressed by their duet, then I wrote my own couplet, and we managed to record the song quite fast! “Stil Sobachki” is the mix of three people who will bring to the audience through this video their joy, sexual and creative energy!”

“Stil Sobachki” is a part of Potap&Nastya’s new album releasing in September.