"Leti" ("Fly"). Bianka and Pizza present a joint song and a video clip.

The previous autumn the soloist of the group "Pizza" Sergey Prikazchikov and the singer Bianka intrigued their fans by talking about the upcoming duet. It did not take long for the release - the joint track appeared on the web in the autumn, after the release of Pizza and Bianka's solo albums, and in the matter of the hours it took the leading position in the TOP-100 of Russian iTunes.

The song entitled "Leti" ("Fly") has become the first collaboration of the artists, each of whom possesses an army of thousands of fans.

And so, finally, in the early days of spring Pizza and Bianka released a long-awaited joint clip for the song "Leti" ("Fly").

The first awkward encounter, the emerging sense, and also carried out several choruses, by flying high above the ground, which probably surprised a lot of ordinary passers-by And residents of one of the sleeping areas of Moscow, where, by the way, the clip was shooting.

However, despite the fact that the video was shot in the metropolis, Bianka and Sergey are allegedly on the hot coast in the frame: bright sun, swimming pool, open swimsuits, green palms Summer and hot.

"We thought about the joint track with Sergey a long time ago. And I'm glad that we've finally implemented this idea!" - says Bianka.

"I really like what we got in the end: the song" Leti "(" Fly ") - it's such an enveloping, light and warm soul." And the video tells a sweet story about love at first sight "- adds the Soloist of the group "Pizza" Sergey Prikazchikov.

"Yes!" Leti "(" Fly ") is the story of the first meeting: the two see each other for the first time, they are falling insanely in love, and their love - is lightness and flying "It was very comfortable to work with Seryozha, and with Pasha, and with the entire crew as well!" - continues Bianka.