More recently, Bianka introduced her new track "I will be cured", the premiere of which was occurred in the social networks of the artist on June 14. The track immediately became the leader of listening in VK, and numerous fans of the singer began to wait to the clip with impatience. And today the premiere of the clip on the YouTube channel of the singer was occurred

Filming of the clip took two days and were held in Morocco on the ocean coast and suburb of the city of Agadir. Ocean and nature conquered the singer and crew.

Bianka: "It was the most fun and beautiful filming, we were laughing as for the last time! The wind blew my hair so strongly all the time, that it was impossible to dance. After we made a few shots, residents of the nearest to the place of filming streets, who saw video shooting for the first time, began to run up, take pictures, to compliment in different languages, it was very lovely! Genuine and sincere people's emotions amazed me and will always dwell with me".

The director of the video was Alexey Figurov, who worked on the clips of the artists, such as Timati, Yegor Creed, Djigan, Artik & Asti and others.

The plot of the clip - maximally autobiographical. The girl who is shooting in the clip with the singer, appeared to be accidental and not accidental …

Bianka: "Each of us told his story, but in this video it can not be seen, as in a movie with a plot. These two stories can be caught in movements, views and energy that lives in this video! I am very grateful to all the participants who supported me and helped me so spontaneously and quickly to shoot this video! It was the first video in my life, when the track was recorded almost on a dictaphone, but we were able to shoot the lyric and heartfelt video! I genuinely feel that these filming days were like a little life for us!"

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