Premiere of the new video clip ST feat. Bianka - Wings

On 17 February, the video clip “Wings” was premiered - a new collaborative video work of the rapper ST and R'n'B-singer Bianka, which has become an undisputed hit and a favourite track among the fans of the artists.


Repost Production team headed by the director Dmitry Litvinenko was responsible for the visualization of the song. It is a beautiful love story in which leading roles were performed by artists themselves.

In the clip ST plays a role of a professional sportsman on hand-to-hand fight and Bianka appears in the role of his lover, supportive in everything. It was the first experience in the role of fighter for ST to which he was preparing with a professional trainer.

“In the story of the clip, our heroes are going through not the best period of their life, relationship and career, but despite all the difficulties they will certainly get a happy ending” - comments the director.

Artists also commented on their very successful tandem.

“Initially, when there were written just two verses of “Wings”, I realized that a chorus to this song be able to understand, feel and perform exactly Bianka. I sent her a text and after a while she sent me the chorus recorded by her, where just from the first notes it became clear that this is one hundred percent hit, and I made the right choice.


Bianka is very easy to work with. She feels the music very good, and more importantly, she is able to pass it all on the screen with the help of her feelings and emotions. Therefore, we got not just a video clip, but the whole movie”, - ST told.

According to Bianka, working with ST and camera crew was very enjoyable and comfortable: “The clip turned out really like a short film - about the discipline, will and true love. About the need to appreciate and cherish one another.

I love this song very much, I love the poetry of ST in this track. I hope this clip will convey all emotions that we experienced while writing the track and while playing our roles in this video.”