New music video premiere! Bianka feat. Seryoga – Krysha / The Roof

The singer known best for her hit lyric ballads presents a new track called “Krysha” / “The Roof”. This sensual music story is about lovers who are so deeply one into another that nothing more exists for them but the two of them. Two special, kissing-kin people who have found each other in this overwhelming world.

For such people the feeling of love is five times stronger than for everybody else, - comments the singer. - They don’t want to lose a single moment, they don’t go to dancing clubs or restaurants, but they like to sit on a roof or just go outdoors because the only thing they enjoy is being together. Nobody exists on this planet but them! Little ideal world for two lovers!

After the official song was released, rap singer Seryoga heard it and suggested to Bianka to record a duet adding another verse and the rap party to the track. He has also taken part in the shooting of the music video, playing the loved one of the singer, involved in a tragic and emotional love story according to the plot.

The shooting took place in an extreme location - on top of the Crowne Plaza tower. At a certain moment very strong wind started blowing, nearly knocking down the crew and the performers.

The video was directed by Pavel Puntus, who had already worked with Bianka before.

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