The comedy “Stop! Snyato! Na Baikal!” starring Bianka was released.

The comedy “Stop! Snyato! Na Baikal!” - a product from the famous KVN members. Mikhail Kozlov directed the comedy. The popular Russian stars were involved in filming - illusionist Sergei Safronov, a member of the KVN team "Country-level city" Sergey Pisarenko, humorists Sergey Tsyrenov, Andrew Njogu and other top KVN members. And the female lead role got the Queen of Russian national r’n’b - the singer Bianka (in real life - Tatiana Lipnitskaya).

There are a few comrades in the center of the film’s plot who travel the pearl of Russian beauty - Lake Baikal. A variety of adventures is met them all the time on their way which does not allow friends to get bored. They will once again reaffirm the value of love, friendship and nature which plays a major role here. Also the theme of respect for the world around is raised more than once and affects many aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

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