Press Release

Russian R’n’B is a special music style, a fusion of slow but rhythmical African-American R’n’B plus Russian melodics, and of course the true Slavic global sadness when you feel down, and the absolute joy when you feel good. As it had happened before to Russian rock music, Russian R’n’B wasn’t accepted without doubt. Not everybody can show something new to the audience and make it fall in love with it. Surprisingly the founder of Russian R’n’B movement is a young girl, fragile and overwhelmingly strong at the same time.

Bianka (her real name is Tatyana (Yana) Lipnitskaya) was born in Minsk, Belarus. As a kid Yana learned to play cello at a music school and started to sing at the age of 10. As a teenager Yana had been in a local children’s group of popular song and dance for four years. That’s why she deeply and faithfully loves native Slavic tunes and understands the problems of our folklore music heritage.

As a composer and songwriter Bianka managed to form a decent repertory at the age of 16. With her work she won the first prizes at the Malva and Belaya Rus international contests, and she also won the third prize at the Aguinsky contest specializing in cello. She had played for 4 years in the Belarusian State Symphonic and Pop Orchestra conducted by Mikhail Finberg. Then she moved from the world of academic art to a pop music studio.

In 2005 Tatyana Lipnitskaya got an official offer to represent Belarus on the international Eurovision contest, but instead of taking part in the famous show she chose another project, more promising from her point of view. It was collaboration with the famous rap singer Seryoga for his album. Seryoga is the author of famous hits “Chyorny Bumer” / “Black BMW”  (it was number one ringtone in Russia in 2005) and “Vozle Doma Tvoego” / “Next to Your Place”. The song “Lebedinaya”/ “Swan Song” which Bianka recorded in duo with Max Lorens topped the charts and became the most romantic tune of 2005. For Bianka such a successful beginning of her career on the big national stage meant that audience recognized her talent and her creative life would develop in the best possible way.

The debut album called “Russky Narodny R’n’B”/ “Russian Popular R’n’B” released in the beginning of September, 2006. Club dancing music performers faced such a strong rival they had never met before Bianka appeared. The album “Russian Popular R’n’B” was recorded on one of the best studios in the CIS and the first Bianka’s music video appeared on TV almost at the same time with the release of the album. Shot by Vladimir Yakimenko, the video for the song “Byli Tantsy” / “There Was Dancing” reflected the fusion of Russian and American culture as a new expressive and fancy style. Success became the sign of everything Bianka was doing.

In 2007 Bianka won the best hip-hop/ R’n’B project nomination on MTV Russian Music Awards. Having gained recognition, Bianka went on with her activity and presented her next album called “38 Zamkov”/ “38 Locks” in August, 2008. The first single “Spasi”/ “Save Me” is notable for its strong social component. In the video there appears “magical fire” which everybody passes one to another as a symbol of love and freedom.

In 2009 Bianka became a spokesperson of the international Sunsilk brand and the face of advertizing campaign for the new line of products “Sunsilk Vibrant Gloss” by Unilever company. The company was attracted by the popular image of the singer, her R’n’B hits and her charming looks.

In 2010 Bianka moved to Moscow and signed a contract with the leading Russian music label, the representative of EMI in Russia - Gala Records. As a result of this cooperation a new album was released in September, 2011 called “Nashe Pokoleniye”/ “Our Generation”. This new work was full of experiments with new styles and the singer confessed she went into hip-hop music for the first time. The first single from this album is the duo with rap singer St1m “Ty Moyo Leto” / “You’re My Summer”. Bianka releases four singles to support this album, and every one of them goes together with a music video: “Ty Moyo Leto” / “You’re My Summer” feat. St1m, “Bez Somneniya”/ “No Doubt”, “Bely Plyazh”/ “White Beach” feat. Irakli, “A Cho, a Cho”/ “So Whut, So Whut”.

In 2014 Bianka presented her new album “Bianka Music”. There are 13 tracks in the list, including such hits as “Nogami rukami”/ “With Feet, with Hands”, “Bianka-Music”, “Alle TanZen”, “Dymom v oblaka” / “Smoke to the Clouds”, recorded in collaboration with one of the national hip-hop movement leaders, Ptakh aka Zanuda (CENTR music band) and also new songs, including “Ya ne otstupliu” / “I Won’t Give Up”.

  • The singer is in the 100 top list of most sexy Russian women according to men’s magazine MAXIM;
  • She has been nominated 3 times for MTV Russian Music Awards as “Breakthrough of the year”, “Best solo singer” and “Best hip-hop project”;
  • She was also nominated for RU TV Award 2013 in the category “The hottest video”.

In April, 2014 the singer released video for the song “Musyka”/ “Music”. In the video Bianka appears in a totally new image of a club diva dancing accompanied by electronic beat. The next page in her career is the song “Alle TanZen” (“everybody dance”). It took a month to rehearse the choreography for the video  - for the first time Bianka managed to put together two styles: hip-hop and classical Russian ballet. The shooting went on for 24 hours non-stop. On August 27 the video premiered on the popular internet channel WOW TV.

On November 5, 2013 Bianka comes up with the long-desired premiere - music video for the new single “Nogami rukami” / “With Feet, with Hands”, where traditional  R’n’B meets the club beat. The premiere of the single took place on the stage of Izvestyia Hall club as a part of A-One channel birthday party  called “Music Mainstream Monsters”.

On 25 March, 2014 the fifth studio album “Bianka. Music”. In this album the singer stepped away from her own “popular Russian” R’n’B style and showed a more moderate mix of pop music and R&B.

From November 17, 2014 the singer has been the presenter of R’n’B chart on Muz-Tv channel.

In August, 2014 she issues the tangy song “Zvuk G***”/ “The Sound Sucks” and gets a RU.TV 2015 award for “Creative input of the year”. 

In November, 2014 the second award of MusicBox channel took place, and Bianka was given a prize for “Best hip-hop project”.

Before her fifth album was released Bianka had issued the fourth single “Ya ne Otstuplyu” / “I Won’t Give up” which turned to be one of the most successful in her career. The song stayed in the charts for more than 20 weeks, and made it possible for Bianka to get her first “Zolotoy Grammofon” prize. She also took part for the third time in the “Pesnya goda” (song of the year) festival. The song was also nominated for RU.TV 2015 award in the category “Song of the year” . The music video was nominated for Muz-TV 2015 award as “Best female video” .

In December, 2014 premiered the single “Kedy” / “Gumshoes” which became popular in 2015. Thanks to this fact she managed to take part in the song contest “Pesnya goda” for the fourth time.

In May, 2015 premiered Bianka’s new music video for the “Sexy Frau” song, which has been nominated for the RU.TV 2016 award as “The sexiest video”. Her new song “Stil Sobachki” / “Doggy Style” is also represented in this nomination.

Bianka has also written a song for an ex-singer from Russian band 5sta family, Yulianna Karaulova. The song “Ty ne takoi” / “You’re not Like This” became a hit of 2015, having reached the second place in the chart of  common CIS countries chart.

In November, 2015 Bianka premiered her duet with rap singer Mot called “Absolyutno Vsyo” / “Absolutely Everything” which has instantly topped the music  charts. The song was also right on the top of the chart of most demanded songs, which was the first time with both singers. It was also nominated for RU.TV 2016 award and was awarded for “The best duo”.

At the beginning of 2016 the singer issued another video called “Poshli Vy v Zhopu” / “Screw You” as her alter-ego Bianka aka Kralya. The video has drawn an instant response in the Internet community. A popular comedy actress and Comedy Woman resident Marina Fedunkiv is also in the video.

In May 2016  Bianka and rap singer Seryoga released a collaboration song called “Krysha”/ “The roof”.