New music video premiere! Bianka - Mysli V Notakh / Thoughts In Notes

On October 25 a new video for the song “Mysli v Notakh Ver. 2” / “Thoughts in Notes Ver. 2” premiered on Bianka’s Youtube channel. The shooting took place on a gloomy and dank autumn day, but it was hot on the set… Bright outfits and hot dancing, beauties on high heels wet from the rain and passion - it all turned to be an amazing cocktail of “thoughts in notes” able to give a warm to everybody. 

The director of the video is Pavel Puntus, who had produced another Bianka’s video for the song “Krysha”/ “The Roof” (feat. Seryoga): “I always enjoy working with Bianka. She’s a real work-dork, together we can embody any ideas no sweat. The production of the video for “Mysli v Notakh” / “Thoughts in Notes” is no exception”.

The singer tells that one the most bright details in the video is a customized signature microphone stand, which her fans will be able to see on the shows of their favourite celebrity. The date of the premiere isn’t random - the track “Mysli v Notakh Ver. 2” / “Thoughts in Notes Ver.2” is a part of the homonymous album  , which is already available on iTunes and Google Play.

Bianka: “My dear! I’m glad to present you my new music video for the track “Mysli v Notakh” / “Thoughts in Notes” which you have been looking forward to hear! I hope this vibrant video will cheer you up and bring you some warmth on these gloomy autumn days. Watch it on Youtube and download on iTunes!”