New album to release Mysli V Notakh / Thoughts In Notes

On September 16 one of the most outstanding Russian R’n’B performers Bianka releases her fifth longplay called romantically “Mysli v Notakh”/ “Thoughts in notes” as a result of more than two years of work. The author of music and text is traditionally the singer herself (with the exception of duets, recorded in collaboration with other musicians).

The new album includes 100% hits (duet with Mot “Absolyutno vsyo”/ “Absolutely Everything”, “Stil Sobachki”/ “Doggy Style” feat. Potap&Nastya), intriguing premieres (collaboration with Pizza and Legalize and the new version of the song “Krysha”/ “The Roof”), sensual new tracks (“Nikto Krome Ty”/ “Nobody but You”, “Krysha”/ “The Roof” feat. Seryoga) and a whole range of music videos to download on iTunes!

Beatmaker Taras Vashchishin collaborated with the singer during the recording of the album, and one of the singles (“Mysli v Notakh Ver. 2”/ “Thoughts in Notes Ver.2”) was recorded in collaboration with the famous sound producer Andrei Chyornyi, who is known for his work with Dima Bilan, Yulianna Karaulova, Yolka, Timur Rodriguez, etc.

Bianka says: "This album resulted to be quite ample, it includes five awesome duets. Every time recording a track with my colleagues felt different, and that’s cool! I love and appreciate you, my dear - everybody I worked with! Every track is very valuable for me. I honestly speak about my emotional experience and my happy moments in this album. Some of the songs have already become hits! I hope that new tracks will also impress you and will bring you joy, or maybe help to overcome hard times. Thank you for your love!"

Army of numerous Bianka’s fans has been waiting for this new album “Mysli v Notakh” / “Thoughts in Notes”, some of the tracks from this album already top the charts. It won’t allow anybody to stay indifferent!

Download the album and listen to it on iTunes: